28 March 2011

Tawan Puncak Bukit Fraser - Fraser's Hill sumit Conquered

From Tranum to Fraser's Hill summit.
Actually the plan was to cycle from Raub town all the way to summit, but due to one rider lack of training, the plan changed to riding from Tranum. I parked  my car at Tranum's Police Station and started riding at 8.30am.
Reached the Gap 1 hr 40 minutes later. Relax and refuelling - eating nasi lemak at the food stall there while waiting for 11am uphill.
The ride from the Gap to summit was really challenging. Initially we can cycled at 15km/h than slow down to 6km/hr at 4km from Fraser's town. I think you can walk faster than cycling. This really test our mental and physical strength. I can feel my heart rate pumping real hard. (later I found my max HR =176/min).

relax at Pekan Bukit Fraser
The rider in blue trouser is Yusof Saidina from Majlis Daerah Kuala Kubu Baru. He rode alone from KKB to Gap.
We meet him at the food stall and persuade him to follow us up hill to the summit.
Alhamdulillah after 40minutes hard riding, Karim and I reached safely the summit.
Azizul Karim (Hj. Karim's son) and Yusof (rider from Kuala Kubu Baru) arrived much earlier.
Powerful young riders, rode with Mountain bike with knoby tires.

We attract a lot of attention for the local tourist at Fraser's town.
Mohamad Yusof and friend from Klang just completed the PEKA Mountain Bike Jamboree 2011- 35 km ride from Kuala Kubu to Selangor  dam in the morning. They then did a Fraser's hill riding.

While riding AhCai told me about an accident involving a cyclist on 26/3/11 - more new here

21 March 2011

Fi'zi:k Handlebar Tape

My first handlebar tape (no brand) last only five months.
Since I acquired  the road bike in Nov 2010, I have cleaned it with normal soap and water, but the tape became spoil and turn brown in colour. The bar end tape disclosed when a had a fall recently.

So, I bough the new replacement tape - same white colour, but now with Fi'zi:k brand. Hopeful this will last longer.
Why didn't I just buy a black for easy maintenance?. Well, I have a white Fi'zi:k saddle to match.
Actually I have a black Fi'zi:k Arizon fitted to my MTB, but white is more pro colour! ;)
White Fizik handlebar tape

07 March 2011

Test ride SRAM S30AL race Wheelset

SRAM logo
First time I'm using SRAM product.
Just bought this new wheelset - SRAM S30 AL race.
Test ride this morning at Krau 1, so far so good. Very light and fast.
30mm deep hybrid toroidal rim shape
black diamond polished and dark grey anodized rims
nipples are internal
Sapim  CX-Ray spokes
Weight = 1540.0g
Argon 18 with SRAM S30AL race wheelset

Road bike -Argon 18

Road bike at Raub Pahang

01 March 2011

Road Bike at Off Road Route

This is my usual birding site, but I took this route with by racing bike last Sunday.
Lucky the weather was dry and the laterite road was only dusty and no mud