27 September 2010

Raub to Kundang Patah - testing Strada Cadence

I went to Kampung Kundang Patah yesterday to test my new Cateye Strada cadence computer. Solo cycling 31km trip. Started from Taman Mutiara at 5.30pm, stopped at Pusat Serenti for a few minutes rest and reached home at 7.00pm. Although the RD400 screen is small and the cadence number tiny at the lower part, I can see it without my reading glass. Tried to cycle at above 80rpm. Now I realized that I have been using too small rear gear all this while.


25 September 2010

Cateye Strada Double Wireless RD400DW

I feel a need to calculate my cycling cadence easily without manual count for 15 second and multiply by 4, so this computer became by latest gadget.
Cateye Strada Double Wireless RD400DW - cyclometer with cadence.
Cateye Strada Double Wireless RD400DW

Cateye Strada Double Wireless RD400DW Easy set-up in less than 30 minutes
Cateye Strada Double Wireless RD400DW The cadence and speed sensor working well. My only complain is that the display screen is small compare to my previous Cateye wireless+ and the cadence number is smaller than speed.

Various metering gadget

16 September 2010

To Cheroh with Clipless Pedals and Specialized shoes

I has been testing and familiarize myself with the new Specialized bicycle shoes and the Candy X clipless pedal for 2 evening (about one hour) around my housing area.
In conjunction with Malaysia Day today (Sept 16), I went to Cheroh (about 20km return trip) for real test. I feel happy with the performance although my fitness is very low due to holiday and not cycling for quite sometime.
Cheroh signboard
Taman Cheroh
Polar chart

14 September 2010

Crank Brothers Candy X Pedals and Specialized Shoes

I after reading about the benefit of Clipless pedal, I finally bough this
CrankBrothers Candy X Pedals and Specialized BG Pro MTB Shoes.

Training at my backyard and housing area, so far so good with no ZERO kmph fall.
CrankBrothers Candy X Pedals Key Information,
* weight: 308g
* colour: Black/Gold
* model: X
* Cleats included

Specialized BG Pro MTB Shoes
Black/Red, Body Geometry (BG), SPD cleats

07 September 2010

ROXIM RS3 bike light

Roxim RS3 LogoI got this from Pos Laju today.
Inside the parcel...
Parcel Roxim RS3 bike light -made in Taiwan.
OXIM RS3 bike light This are what it look like when I installed at my bicycle handlebar.
OXIM RS3 bike light I will review the performance when we ride at night after Hari Raya Aidil Fitri .

05 September 2010

Rudy Garcia-Tolson

If you feel demotivated training or don't want to wake up early for Sunday riding, look at this pictures.
Rudy Garcia-Tolson (22) -a very special athlete who had his legs amputated at the age of five.

Rudy Garcia-Tolson

Rudy Garcia-Tolson

03 September 2010

KONA Kula Supreme (Scandium)

I'm looking for this light scandium butted race frame:
Weight less than 1.5kg,Anyone selling this? ;)
I found someone from Sg Petani selling used 2009 model at bicyclebuysell.com for RM2300!

I SMS the seller, and he called me that somebody just bought it 2 seconds ago! ha..ha !

KONA Kula Supreme (Scandium) 2008 model
KONA Kula Supreme (Scandium)
2009 Model
KONA Kula Supreme (Scandium) 2010 Model

* Light as titanium
* More durable than carbon
* Half the weight of steel
* Five times stronger than aluminum
* Fast as light!