29 January 2014

New Frame Decals for Boardman SLR/9.8

Di2-compatible frame, with new yellow color at  down tube. There is new logo and yellow strip at seatstay - above the rear brake. Word "SLR9/8 at top tube and outside chainstay are now in gray with yellow slash (/).
At inside of chainstay - only word "SLR"  without full "Cboardman"  Wording at outside of fork blade and  lower seatstay are in grey. New yellow strips at seat tube.
Will I change to this new 2014 frame?

27 January 2014

Cycling to Fraser's Hill

16 cyclists from Bentong and Raub Cycling Team start from Tranum Police Station.
The last time that I climbed Fraser Hill was in September 2012. 

uphill - photo credit:  Hj. Mohd Suffian
Jarak pergi-balik = 60km

25 January 2014

Boardman Road Bikes at Lake Garden

Tour de la Lac Jardin
Bashik Mohammad and me at Taman Tasik Raub

18 January 2014

Round Bandar and climbing DO Hill

...and here is the official residence of Raub's District Officer. Proudly stand at the highest point in town. Classic Malay design. I photographed this pic on 1st September 2009
DO Official Residence
The view from the hill, overlooking the Dewan Jubli (blue roof), Raub's Field and Multi Purpose Building.
View from DO's Hill

06 January 2014

Kayuhan Nasi Lemak to S-Five Tropical Rest Garden

"S-Five Tropical Rest Garden" is the rest area, about 8km from  Raub on the way to Bentong/K. Lumpur.
On Sunday they serve free Nasi Lemak,  Roti Canai, fruits, tea and coffee to everybody that stop there.
We cyclists usually stop there when cycling to Lurah Bilut / Simpang Lee Rubber.
Last sunday I follow the group to the boundary of Raub-Bentong about 14km from Raub town.
Two way ride of about 27km. My average speed was 27km/hr, and time traveled 46minutes.
I calculate the calories burn with online calculator at Bicycling.com HERE and got the value of 498 calories
Average Nasi Lemak complete with sambal, anchovy,  fried egg  and peanut easily touching the 450-500 calories. So no wonder you don't loose weight despite all those exercise.
Hj..Mohd Suffian, Atok Hj.Karim, Tabib and Bashik enjoying there Nasi Lemak
Nasi Lemak and Roti Canai. 1 piece of roti canai = 300 calories
Syahidee Omar and Bashik arrived at S-Five
Boardman at S-Five's front gate