24 September 2013

Good Shoes for MTB platform pedal

Looking for new MTB shoes.... 
Sedang mencari kasut MTB platform pedal yang ada bagus grip dan tapak stiff, untuk cross country. Saya ada kasut clip-less MTB, tapi takut pakai untuk jalan off-road. Mana nak cari kasut FiveTen (5-10) , Teva shoes (bukan Theva Reborn ye) atau lain2 jenama?
New platform pedal - Exustar - model PB525
This is my 6 years old Skateboarding shoes - R20 (RTwenty), that was used  for birding. The out sole is hard and slip easily when I tested it with Exustar pedal, and fabric is already torn at toe-box.

Read a lot of good reviews about  Five Ten 5-10, and Teva shoes. I cant find this shoes at Raub so have to 
use other alternative. Alvin Lee , Raub's downhill rider bough this 5-10 from KSH (Taman Tun Dr. Ismail) TTDI, price RM315
Found this sneakers - Nike ROSHERUN FB at Al-Ikhsan , size 9 - price RM199. Very light and out-sole is soft, so it should give a good grip to the platform pedal.
Nice pink logo, greenish out-sole and thin fabric at toe-box. Laces are short, that will not interference with chain ring. But I don't like that long protruding pull tab - may cut it off.

01 September 2013

Merdeka Day Solo Ride at Grand Prix Kebangsaan 2013 Sirkit 3 Track

Grand Prix Kebangsaan 2013 Sirkit 3 - hosted by Pahang Bicycle Association at Raub. Caravan Serai Villas Resort was a venue where the riders and officials stay. The event  was also stat and finish there.
I did the solo ride at the same 52km track in reverse (anti-clock wise).
Here are few pics that I photographed with my handhone.
Pelaton climbing the hill at Bentong-Raub border, and passing Felda Bilut  below.
Mohd Shahrul Mat Amin from Terengganu Cycling Team (TSG) win the race.

Here my rides chart by Endomondo. Time could be better if I was not stopped by Traffic Policeman that controlled the event.