25 July 2012

Yellow LTdF & UCI Rainbow World Champion Jersey

UCI Rainbow World Champion Jersey Mark Cavendish and Bradley Wiggins in yellow

23 July 2012

JetBlack, Bicycle Trainer for Ramadhan/Fasting Month

I changed the rear tire of my Kona Cinercone MTB to a cheap (RM20), slick tire and attached it to the JetBlack Magnetic Turbo Trainer
Not exercise / cycling for 3 days since start of Ramadhan. Now I can ride the MTB with this new trainer, at night after Tarawih Prayer or 1/2 hour before Iftar. This will be my long term investment, training during rainy days or if I'm in no mood to ride outdoor.
Tested for 30 minutes this morning.So far so good...
JetBlack M1 Pro-Magnetic Trainer + Smart Release System Includes Training CD

here another trainer ...real JET

01 July 2012

Testing Continental Grand Prix 4000S Tires

Grand Prix 4000s with SRAM S30AL rim and Boardman SLR 9.8 frame. Not as beautiful colour match as Yellow Schwalbe Lugano, but I can sacrifice that for ride comfort.

I change my bicycle tires from Schwalbe Lugano to this new Continental Grand Prix 4000S (700x23C) Clincher.
Lugano is an entry level tires. I have chosen  that primary for yellow colour that match the frame inner fork and downtube colour. When I cycled for 115km last Sunday,  I'm not happy with harsh ride that give me numbness at my feet/sole. Riding the rougher surface road (old Bentong road) from Simpang Fraser's Hill to Simpang Lee Rubeer was terrible.

Early test show a very promising feel. Don't know whether it was a placebo effect or not, because  I had only tested the new Conti tires for only 35km . Pumped at 110psi as recommended for casual/training,  I can feel the different, more supple, smooth, faster rolling compare to Lugano at 100psi. I will try it for longer distance and at more ruggered road later. Maybe I can try this 155km route this weekend ,Raub-Benta-Kerambit (via Tanjung Besor -Jerantut road)-Kuala Lipis-Benta-Raub.Only then I will know the real performance. (stay tune!)