30 May 2012

Test Ride Event Kayuhan Raub 140km

Sunday 17/5/2 test ride. Competed 82 of 140km
 6 cyclist stat from Taman Tasik Raub, later join by one cyclist from Sg. Ruan. 7 cyclist with 3 support car/jeep.
here rolling road  at Kg. Jelu

Nizam leading the climbing at Bukit Cincin. Myself stooped twice due to maximum heart rate (187bpm)

climbing at Bukit Gesing
testing bottle catch/feeding at Kg. Sempam with Kamal Arif

24 May 2012

Giro Aeon Livestrong & Bravo Glove

Bought this Giro Aeon from Max Ng @ Malacca. This is my second Giro helmet. My first Giro Indicator was dented when I crashed in march MTB Jamboree.
X-Static® padding. Featherweight webbing with Slimline buckle

still looking for matching glove from Giro
compare to my old Bell Helmet

13 May 2012

Bukit Telaga dengan Otai-otai

geng muda dah ke Shah Alam LeTua 100...tinggal hok kotai je ke Bukit Telaga - Jalan ke Fraser's Hill

12 May 2012

Pedal Struck Road Surface

While cycling at Taman Mutiara and negotiating a sharp right corner, I noticed a car (silver Viva) coming very fast in the opposite direction. I pressed the rear brake, suddenly I felt grinding sound from my rear tire. I thought that the tire skidded .Only when back at home that I realized that my left pedal struck the road surface. Long crank arm 172.5mm did help.  it didn't throw me off but took a fair bit of the carbon off the Look Keo blade pedal. Lucky that the blade is still intact.
*** Always REMEMBER this:   KEEP THE INSIDE PEDAL UP while cornering

10 May 2012

LBS - Local Bike Shop

Ahmad Syafik, Ah Chai and me at LBS @ Wah Onn
Boardman and me

07 May 2012

Schwalbe Lugano punctured at just 50km ride

I went for 2nd test ride today with Kamal Arif and Shaiful Bahtiar. Rear tire punctured about 2km from Felda bilut. Punctured with only 50km test ride - Schwalbe Lugano -tak guna. TQ Kamal Arif & Shaiful Baktiar Ar-raubi tolong pam. Next time I will bring spare tube and pump
Schwalbe Lugano -tak guna

05 May 2012

Testing Boardman SLR 9.8 Elite

Boardman SLR 9.8 Elite at my garage
Boardman SLR 9.8 Elite at my garage
After fitting the Garmin GSC-10  Speed/Cadence Combo Sensor, the spoke magnet and then the cadence magnet  , I took the bike for a test ride to Simpang Kalang-Krau ,  Jalan Tras, Bukit Mahkamah /DO and finally to Bukit Koman
Serial numbers -pictures in 2018, looks at those rusted bolt

British (UK) designed, made in Taiwan and Malaysian rider
The lower part of bike in 2012
Off course the bike feel light. Weigh at 7.1kg (just outside of  UCI legal weight limit of 6.8kg).
The frame size is SM with  ST Seat Tube of 49cm. I feel the frame is low compare to my previous frame -Argon18 Radon (ST 51cm  for size S). Need to ride more to familiarize with the bike framegeometry and ride characteristic.