29 April 2011

Raub to Cameron Highland PCC Interstate Cycling 2011 - Day1

Start from Raub Rest House at 6.45am. Very simple, master of ceremony just shouted GO. No VIP speech, no police escort, no banner.
Haji Karim -the only representative (unofficial) from Raub to PCC interstate ride - Raub to Cameron Highland.

Tony Rabindran
lady peloton, who that leading in yellow-red jersey, Erni Wati?

at Simpang Taman Mutiara / JPJ Raub

11 April 2011

FUJI Carbon Road Bike - SST 3.0

FUJI Carbon Road Bike - SST 3.0

Full Carbon - for full specification HERE , wheel-set change to SRAM S60. To BUY - Tel: 016-7175411 (Ah Chai)

05 April 2011

Truly Pedal Power

Jarno Trulli training and cycling for upcoming Sepang F1 racing
Picture from Star newspaper.