26 January 2011

Simpang Krau 1 - revisited

After the last week dog scare at Cheroh road, I went to Krau 1 route for a change. There were a few small grey dogs at the rubber plantation, but they just mind their own businesses.

20 January 2011

Cycling to Cheroh and Dog Chased

I have been cycling regularly to cheroh, alone. So far no problem, but last Sunday morning this mammal chased me.
I was riding back to Raub when I passed a farm not far from Cheroh Aquatic Centre. The dogs that usually stay inside the farm fence suddenly came out and bark at me with its tail up wagging and charging at me.
Adrenaline rush into my head for a fight or flight reaction, at the highest gear I stand on a pedals riding as hard as a can, leaving the dog. Next time I will bring a stick or rattan like what Karim usually do in his night ride.
this is not a Dog that chase me

04 January 2011

Kelab Berbasikal Raub

First meeting of Pro-team committee member for new Kelab Berbasikal Daerah Raub (Raub Cycling Club).

Actually there is a 'Persatuan Berbasikal Daerah Raub', but this association was not registered under state Pahang Cycling Association, and not recognize by them.
So, we have difficulty organizing any cycling event under this 'unrecognised' entity.
Furthermore the president and committee member are not a cyclist, and they don't know anything about MTB or roadbike.
With this problem we form a new Club - Raub Cycling Club, that will be run by CYCLIST and will be registered under state cycling association.
Yang berusaha Pengerusi dan Setiausaha

jom baik, Sham dah ngantuk tu!.
Last night meeting we elect a pro-team committee members.
1. President - C.Theva
2. Naib-President - Chegu Karim
3. Setiausaha - Chegu Jason Wai
4. Naib Setiausaha - Chegu Loh
5. Bendarari - Dr. Redzlan
1. Abd Karim Manaf
2. Sham
3. Shah
4. Munis
5. Ah Chai
5. Ah Fu