26 February 2012

le Tour de Kuala Lipis

1510 cyclist from Voetpedale Cycling Team  Raub, Pahang ride to Kuala Lipis today. Two cyclist with their new bike - Specialized and Polygon Helios 200 roadbike and  Shaiful Baktiar testing his new rims -Fulcrum Racing Zero.
Here are some of the photo..

06 February 2012

Genting Sempah ride - Maulidur Rasul - 12 R.Awal 1433H

15 of us (6 cyclist from Raub - Voetpedale Cycling Team and 9 from Bentong - Pak Amid Cycling Team), start from medan selera Bentong to Genting Sempah. My 2nd time cycling  there, but previously thro old Gombak road and to Janda Baik. This time also by old gombak road, but we detour to Karak Highway at Kg. Bukit Tinggi - memang perit (tapi majority nak ke situ) - cycling under direct noon hot sun... tak de lindung, 4.4km of agony + 7% gradient with 562meter max at Petronas G.Sempah. Total distance = 64.73 km, moving duration = 2h:47m:13s
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