28 July 2010

KONA Cinder Cone 2009 and 2010 model

Why suddenly this beautiful white Miss Cindy Cone appear at my backyard?.
In just 3 weeks I change the 'frame' of my mountain-bike to a new KONA Cinder Cone 17 inch.
All the other parts except seat-post (uno Carbon) and headset (Mortop seal-bearing) are retain.
When I bought the CUBE Aim 16", the idea was to go for off-road trail -uphill & downhill.
Only one group playing downhill at 'Bukit MCA' the rest are more into road/urban riding.
Downhill is not for me, so I follow the majority riding at night on alternate day twice or thrice a week. I'm 178cm tall, to have better handling in road ride I have to change to a longer frame, hence the 17" Cinder cone.

How to calculate the bicycle frame for you height?.

You need to measure your inseam in centimeters (cm)
(Inseam x 0.65) - 10 = frame size in cm. To convert to inch, divide 2.5
In my case: 80cm x 0.65 = 52-10 =42cm -> 42/2.5=16.8" (17 inches)
A cinder cone or scoria cone is a steep conical hill of tephra (volcanic debris) that accumulates around and downwind from a volcanic vent (from Wikipedia)

Tabib's Kona Cinder Cone
Here the comparison of both frames.

Kona Cinder Cone 17 inch geometry specification
Kona Cinder Cone 17 geometryCUBE Aim 16 inch geometry Specification (in millimetre).
CUBE 16in geo spec

KONA Logo2009 model

KONA Cinder Cone 2009 model2010 model
KONA Cinder Cone 2010 model
Red Kona Cindy 2010

27 July 2010

Kayuhan Malam ke Tras - Night Ride to Tras

Last night riding was great. 14 riders took part in that short 11km ride.
My first time riding that Raub-Tras (old Bentong-Raub road).
Met our famous young rider - Mohd. Shuib Shamsul Baharin, 13yrs old.
He is now training to take part in Langkawi International MTB Challenge 2010, Junior Men (under 18) from 6th -8th August 2010.
Mohd. Shuib Shamsul Baharin and TabibAdik Mohd Shuib telah menang tempat ke 17 di Jambori Lasak Karnival Lipis pada 27hb Jun lepas.
Mohd. Shuib Shamsul Baharin, 13yrs oldGambar di atas diambil dari Utusan On-line - for more info here.
Adik Shuib dengan basikal DORCUS sumbangan Kelab Polis Lipis.
Dalam gambar: Cikgu Tengku Isa, Guru Besar Cikgu Ahmad Fuad dan Rider Cikgu Asri. Kanan sekali OCPD Lipis Supritendan Abdul Razak Hassan .

Basikal Sumbangan IPD K. Lipis
Gambar di bawah dari The Chemical Team -Kuantan (jerseyputih.blogspot.com)
(with permission)
Shuib - young riderThis Raub-Tras is only 11km (22km), but there are 2 hill near the bridge.
Alhamdullillah saya dapat mengharungi cabaran itu.
Shuib?, jangan tanyalah - Ah Chai pun kalah! ;). Hebat adik ni.
Tras old Road

25 July 2010

Raub -> Sega/Kg.Tersan -> Raub

My longest ride so far - From Raub to Kg.Tersan at Sega and back, a distance of 62.6km.
Seven of us (Karim, Shah, Joe, AJ, Murti, Sham and Tabib), started at 8.30pm and end at 12.00 midnight.

at Pekan DongStopped for a rest at Pekan Dong . This picture was photographed on the way back at 11:36pm
Sign Board
Final DestinationFinal destination at 9:46pm after 31.3km - Pekan Jeruas at Sega. We had a rest and refreshment at a roadside stall at Kg. Tersan.
Kg. Tersan Sega
Peta lokasiDistanceMap to Sega

23 July 2010

New Gang

Tabib and OldtimerActually they are not a new cyclist, but just appear from 'hibernation' and I just got to know them now. Welcome back to night ride - Khairozi, Murti, Sham and ... (I can't remember the name ;) Jamaludin.
'TNB Team Racer(above) Rozi of 'TNB Racing Team' checking his bike.

Night Rider GangAJ, Karim, Joe and Ah Chai
Preparing for a night training
Shah (from 'Fox Team') and Jama (in blue-yellow jersey).
Ah Chai Brother, Murti and Sham at Rokiah Satay Restaurant.

22 July 2010

Heart Rate Monitor - Polar RS400

Polar Listen to your Body LOGO
Polar RS400 Heart Rate monitorBought this on-line from Bicycle SELL/BUY website.
Polar RS400
I'm not a sportsman and my sedentary work not help in cardiovascular health. I actively join the Raub Night cycling for the past 3 weeks, and I know that I need time to catch up with younger and senior riders. To be on the safe side I went for heart check-up at my cardiologist - Dr. K.T Ng. Underwent a stress test at a treadmill and he give me a PASS.

21 July 2010

RiBMo - Ride Bicycle More

Since I mostly ride at Town / highway road at night, the mountain bike (Hutchinson Scorpion 26x2.1) big threaded tires are heavy. I change to a new commuter or 'urban' tires from Japan Panaracer - RiBMo (Ride Bicycle More) slick is a standard all-around touring and urban commuting tire.

Panaracer LOGO

Panaracer RiBMo tires

20 July 2010

Ekspedisi Berbasikal Daerah Raub: Raub->Tranum->Gap->Raub

Satu Ekspedisi Berbasikal anjuran Persatuan Berbasikal Daerah Raub, akan diadakan pada 8 Ogos 2010 (Ahad).
Bermula dari Dataran Raub ke Gap dan berpatah balik ke Raub. Jarak pergi-balik 66km!. Ekpedisi ini tidak akan naik ke Fraser's Hill. (banyak ahli persatuan tak mampu naik bukit ;)).
Tarikh tutup penyertaan pada 25/7/2010
Cycling Expedition Map
Jarak perjalananIf you are keen to join this expedition, print to form below and sent it with RM30.00 to the address in the form.

Borang Ekpedisi Berbasikal

With only 2 weeks left for the expedition, I wonder if I can even complete half of the route. The route after Tranum is winding and never ending uphill until the Gap.
The longest distance that I ever cover during training was 32km, that with a few stop and rest for refreshment.

15 July 2010

Cyclist Nature Calls

No thing to post today - This week night ride is cancel for some reason.
So I got this pictures from the net. [posted without permission :)],
but if you click the pictures, it will link back to the original articles/website.
 When Nature CallsThe peloton pulls over on the roadside to take a nature break en masse.
Read the ethical issue by Rick Bernardi, JD at www.bicyclelaw.com
 When Nature Calls
 When Nature Calls
 When Nature Calls
 When Nature Calls

14 July 2010

Cube Teamline Jersey

Cube Teamline Jersey
Rothaus - is a German brewery
SEEbERGER -German coffee company.
Schwalbe - brand bicycle tires
Zillertali.at - tourist company
Paul Lange & Co - Bike part leading European companies in the bicycle industry
SHIMANO - manufacturer of cycling components.
Cube Teamline Jersey
Cube Teamline Jersey

13 July 2010

Second trip Raub to Lurah Bilut Night Cycling

Seven of us took another night ride from Raub to Felda Lurah Bilut last night.
That was my second trip there.
photo at Lurah Bilut 'landmark'Group photo in front of Felda Lurah Bilut landmark.
at Felda Lurah BilutRest at at Bilut warung - 100Plus, Teh tarik, Teh Ais Limau + salt and Banana crisp snack.
Raub to Lurah Bilut Night RidersCikgu Loh and En. Karim leading the 'race'. I arrived about 1ominutes later.
Google Map
Track profile
Map from Garmin GPSLurah Bilut signboard.
Felda Lurah Bilut JunctionData from GPS:
Trip Odometer = 33.7km, Moving Time= 1hr 40 min, Stopped= 1hr 37 min,
Max Speed=42kh/hr, Moving Average=20.1 km/hr, Overall Average = 10.2km/hr.
Garmin 60CSx GPS