23 October 2010

Raub to Simpang Mempaga-Kampung Lebu

Night cycling to Simpang Mempaga, 50km trip with Karim, Khairozi and Munis

18 October 2010

Raub to Bentong return trip Night ride

After unsuccessful attempted to ride at  'Bukit Lee Rubber' on August 4th, I made another ride to Bentong last Saturday night.
The plan was for seven cyclist to ride from Raub at 7.30pm, but only three turn up. Karim, Munis and myself started at 8.00pm at arrived at Bentong about two hours later. After half-hour rest and roti-canai we proceed back to scale that famous Lee Rubber Hill, 8km after Bentong town. I was in front because Murnis's headlight was out of battery. With  Granny gear  (out of 10 speeds) and grit teeth I proceed to tackled that hill and then rode non-stop until Lurah Bilut. Yeah!
We reached home at 12 midnight ,  exhausted but happy -80km covered that night.
The profile of 'Lee Rubber Hill', maximum height at 228.5m. This hill start at the Lee Rubber factory, so we name it. The actual name maybe different.
Murnis resting.

12 October 2010

Night ride to Benta

My first time cycling from Raub to Benta, return trip of 74km.
Ten cyclist (4 riding with Road Bike and the rest of us with MTB using slick tyres)started at 8.30pm, reached Benta at 11.10pm and back home at 2.00am.
Many rest and waiting so long at Benta R&R for drink and Char-Kueh-Teo goreng.
One member having muscles cramp and we have to slowly rode home, hence the 2.00am time.
riding porfile
Map and Elevation profile.
Return bicycle trip from Raub to Benta (74km).
riders resting
This pic was taken at Pekan Dong @ 12.39 midnight, resting and waiting for injured rider to catch up.

05 October 2010

Clipless Pedal Fall

I has been riding with clipless pedal for the past three weeks then I had my first tip-over this morning.
After a light workout around my housing complex, I stopped at my house. As usual I unclipped the left pedal and stopped with my left leg on the ground.
This morning my left leg failed to touch the small boulder, and in slow motion fell to the right, hit my (R) knee at asphalt. My neighbour laughed loudly. "Aya... macam mana boleh jatuh?"
Maybe I'm too confident after uneventful three weeks ride. Now I learned the lesson!
This is the small superficial abrasion.
(R) knee superficial wound