30 March 2012

Giro Indicator Helmet save my scalp

I had a crash on Sunday MTB Jaboree at Felda Krau 1 . While negotiating a downhill, I pressed the front hydrolic disc brake a little too hard and  took a flip over the handle bars of my mountain bike,  and landed on my (R) head, (R) shoulder and both knees.
This Giro helmet save my skull from injury. Thank Allah, syukur
The right side of  helmet dented in in 2 place. Only elbows, knees and (R) shoulder suffered from superficial abrasion. Thanks Allah!
Remember: No Helmet no ride!

25 March 2012

MTB Jamboree Krau1, Raub

My first time joining the MTB event/Jamboree. I usually ride a road-bike or MTB on the road with slick tire.
 picture with En. Salim boss MegaPro Event and Hj. Karim orang kuat berbasikal Raub - organizer well done!

with Geng Atok MTB - Suffian bersaudara dengan jersey baru mereka.
pic with Rosdan Ramli from PRIMA RIDERS CYCLING CLUB. I usually follow this season MTB rider at his blog: http://primariders.blogspot.com/
starting line , pic by Mohd Azlan Fabregas

Oil Palm tree , scene from top of Krau 1 hill
Photographer/rider from Kuala Selangor
registration at Dewan Krau 1, Raub
at finishing line with medal and Voetpedale suppoter (haha!), pic by Cikgu Jasn Wai (Ahmad Syafik Che Yaacob)
lucky draw presentation....congratulation! (pic  from Salim Che Ahmad facebook)

this is the place that I crashed my bike, newbie MTB biker still not mastered the down hill technique

Max elevation 680feet = 207.3meter (pic from Rosdan's Blog  http://primariders.blogspot.com)