23 September 2012

Mountain biking at New UiTM Raub Construction Site

shadow and sunlight - nice scene at valley of proposed UiTM Raub Campus
Dare to downhill at this steep?
rest after hard ride
Atuk and cucu?
panting aka protruding tongue aka 'berjelir'
happy faces - reaching the summit
when the going gets tough.....the tough get going

18 September 2012

Cycling Cramps

Hammer Endurolytes claim to prevent muscles cramp during long distance exercise/cycling.
All 13 cyclists from Raub didn't suffer from cramp during recent 160km ride, except Pok Nik who defiant advice and refuse to take the pills. Actually this supplement is not the magic pill that substitute regular and intensive  training. 
Tabib seen here handing over Hammer Endurolytes to Mr. Shaiful Al-Raubi, Votepedale Cycling Team leader, before their journey to east cost and took part in Terengganu Century Ride.

12 September 2012

Vittoria Torque Mountain Bike Shoes

 I bought this new Vittoria Torque Mountain Bike Shoes to replace my old MTB shoes.
Now I can use clipless CrankBrothers Candy X Pedals  and JetBlack trainer
This new Italian made MTB size 42 is bigger than size 43 Specialized BG Pro MTB Shoes that I bought in 2008. The left side of this shoe (specialized) is to tight for me now. I don't think my foot grow bigger.
The cutting of Vittoria Torque is wider / roomier at toes area compare to Specialized slim fitting.