27 October 2011

26 October 2011

24 October 2011

Bukit Cincin Challenge

start from Dataran Raub at 8.am
reached Simpang Ulu Gali at 8.20am
simpang ke Jelu

simpang Bukit Pampong

only a few rider  ride all the way to finishing line...

I managed only half-way and have to pushed my Argon18. That  graph shows my heart rate 166 near max, when I abandon my climbing. 
went thro Benta and stopped at R&R for much needed rest and refuelling
that not a powerbar!
di Pekan Dong

20 October 2011

Bukit Cincin Challenge - 24 October - Sultan Birthday ride - Endomondo Route

Endomondo Event: has joined the event 'Bukit Cincin Challenge' on Endomondo. Check it out on: http://www.endomondo.com/event/2771819
Bukit Cincin Challenge - Sultan Pahang Birthday

18 October 2011

Voetpedale Cycling Team (VPCT)

Voetpedale Cycling Team (VPCT)
new Cycling Team at Raub - pic before their weekend 60km trip

 Pengasas Voetpedale Cycling Team - Ustaz Shaiful Baktiar Ibnu Abdullah

 Voetpedale Cycling Team - Shaiful Baktiar Ar-raubi and Bashik Mohammad with their new clipless shoes. Jason Wai try to hide something. hehe!

16 October 2011

Seasucker Bike Rack

Argon 18 on top of Toyota Camry with Seasucker Bike Rack - TALON version for 1 bike.
I am confident with this carrier, but don't know about Jabatan Pengangutan Jalan (JPJ) (Road Transport Department). I heard that we need to apply a permit to JPJ  for roof bicycle carrier.
Seasucker Bike Rack