21 October 2012

Testing Sonic Super 38mm Full Carbon Clincher

Sonic wheel-set is unknown brand in Malaysia, but apparently quite popular in Belgium and France.
I bought this rim from our LCB who ordered it from K.Lumpur. Apparently the sole distributor is Tukang Basikal Fook Sang at Sungai Way.  They bring in only limited set as a promotion and testing the market for this new brand.  So, I got good bargain for testing their product, hope I'm not end up as a guinea-pig [hehe!]

They said this wheel was handmade in Belgium, but I suspect the carbon was made in Taiwan (similar rim from Gigantex here)
This is mid-depth rim  at 38mm,  with  DT Swiss Aerolite aluminum spokes. 20 spokes at from wheel and 24 rear. The hub is 'Kuiper the Netherlands' another unknown brand.
wheel set weight = 1.56kg (0.71 front & 0.85 rear)
The sticker warn about max rider weight 120kg, and max tire pressure 125psi.

I took the rims for test ride at Fraser's Hill road. Felt no different going uphill than my old SRAM 30AL race wheels. Only on downhill did I noticed the brake squeal on hard braking with Sram Red carbon pads .
Afraid of horror stories that I read of carbon rim melting on downhill, I slow down to max of 40km/hr and used intermittent braking.
Thankful I survived 6km downhill from  Bukit Telaga to Tranum. Initial test done, I'm confident enough with this rim. Hope to test it in wet/rain soon. 

18 October 2012

Charging Garmin 500 without dismount from K-Edge

K-Edge Garmin mount is made from aluminum, and known to fit so tight to Garmin cycling computer.
The sharp edge blades that hold my Garmin are so sharp they actually cut the plastic on the device.
So, I am afraid of taking the Garmin in and out  for charging and upload cycling data to computer/Endomondo website. The best thing to do is just plug-in USB cable direct to the Garmin device without taking it out from the mount. Just bring my bicycle near the computer.