29 April 2012

MTB di Jalan Balak dan Padang Golf Raub

Garmin Edge 500 installed at MTB handlebar
Resting at the grave!!!. The track (jalan balak) situated just before Perkuburan Kg. Sempam/opposite Taman Amalina Perdana . From main road turn left to the laterite track. The weather was good,  dry and dusty track with many steep hills. I was able to climb the hills, but still phobia during downhill.
later I went to Raub Golf course and took the service road to the upper end of the course.
tired but I enjoy the scenery

22 April 2012

Krau 1

Lama tak kayuh...letih kayuh sorang2...larat hanya 1 bukit. Jumpa Cukgu Azmi kat simpang. Dia juga kayuh sorang ke Bilut

18 April 2012

Photography from TV - Cycling Fleche Wallonne, Belgium

How to photograph an image from TV?. Very easy. I just use  Nokia N8 Hand phone here.
Set the shutter speed and ISO to the highest level. Set flash to OFF,  experiment and shoot a lot.
194km race from Charleroi to Huy. No 211 - Dirk Bellemakers (Ned)
Lars-Petter Nordhaug from Team Sky Procycling, making a breakaway. Finally caught up by peloton and settled at no 53.
can you see shirtless photographer reflection on TV here  hehe!

Spain's Joaquin Rodriguez, a noted climber, pulled clear on the gruelling final ascent of the 194km race (AFP/BELGA, Michel Krakowski)

14 April 2012

Cycling to Bukit Telaga - Fraser's Hill Road

Lama tak kayuh bersama Team Voetpedale. Petang tadi kayuh bersama 10 cyclists di Jalan ke Fraser's Hill.

pictures by Khairul Azri
letih climbing 20km...
Jauh lagi nak ke KL ni...
Khairul Azri dan anaknya jadi support car / manager
sampai ke distinasi...Bukit Telaga