17 April 2017

Berbasikal ke Pusat Rekreasi Pulau Chekas, Raub

Pintu Gerbang - ke Pulau Chekas
Sedang fikir - macam mana nak menyeberang sungai ni
Oh,  ada jambatan

14 April 2017

Azizul Hasni Awang - Men's Keirin World Champion

Men's Keirin saw Azizulhasni Awang win the first ever world title for Malaysia, at UCI Track World Championships in Hong Kong

Picture from UCI website ©SWPix
Pocket Rocket-Man won the UCI World Champion Leader Jersey and medal

25 March 2017

Fitness drop after 1 month rest

Since back from New Zealand, I suffered from muscle pain at Gluteal and Icheal Tuberosity , due to sitting for 10 hours  long-haul flight.
Then I catch a flu and cough, so I rest for nearly a month.
After short riding on a home trainer for 3 days, I felt my icheal tuberosity can withstand the hard Fi'zi:k seat.
Still not fully recover from cough, today I bravely ride under hot evening sun.

The above screen captured from Endomondo shows my fitness on 25 Feb 2017
and today 25 March 2017. Today heart rate 40%  is at the maximum Zone 5.

11 March 2017

Cycling in New Zealand - Share the road

at the Coromandel Peninsular  coastal road
Family of six cycling at the Coromandel Wharf coastal road
a couple walking their dog to a sailing yacht
Cyclezone Bike Shop at Fenton Street, Rotorua, New Zealand
Picture below inside the Rotorua i-Site  information center

25 February 2017

Morning walk

Jalan kaki di Taman Bukit Impian dan Jalan Bukit DO, Raub

13 February 2017

Training for Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Tangan kanan sakit dan kebas-kebas (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) akibat menebas rumput semasa gotong-royong di taman perumahan.
Tak dapat untuk berbasikal lama-lama, dan terpaksa melupakan aktivi kayuhan jauh  buat masa ini.
Hiking ke Pine Tree Hill di Bukit Fraser bersama  anak perempuan, buat persediaan untuk tramping di Tongariro Alpine Crossing bulan depan.
Mula pada pukul 8:30am, sampai di 1st peak pada 11: 20am.  Mula turun pukul 12pm,  dan sampai ke permulaan pada 3: 00pm. Pace org tua! ;)

last ropes before the 1st peak
Cave made of tree roots
The first of  Twin Peak
Muddy trail