About Me

Exercise addict,  especially in cycling  . If the road is dry, I will cycle for at least 10km or 30 minutes [which ever come first ;)] every morning or in the evening. Still not strong as my average speed are only 25-28km/hr. The longest distance covered so for being only 115km - during  the Raub Ride 140 on Jun 24, 2012 . I didn't finish that event,  covering only 115km of 140.
Ride mostly on the road, although I own both Road-Bike (Boardman SLR9.8 with Sram Red groupset) and Mountain Bike (Kona Cinder Cone with Shimano XT groupset).
My next plan is to ride a Century (100 miles or 160km). Need to train hard to achieve that. TIME is a problem, and with work commitment I wonder when I can do that.
The above picture was taken on 26 Jan 2014 and the picture below photographed on 27 March 2011 (my first attempted  to scale F.Hill)
Nature lover and bird photographer whenever I have a free time or on holiday. Mostly birding around my backyard, around Raub, Fraser's Hill and Bukit Tinggi. Rarely venture outside my own state - Pahang. Birding and photographing  are my passion, but so far never earn a single cent out of this hobby. If you like my photograph and wish to post it in your blog for non-profit or education, just email me. Most of the time, I will give it free of charge. I wish to retire early for this and buy a big 800mm bazooka lens.he..he! Finance Minister (aka the other half) will not approve it, not until all my children complete their education.
To support the above hobbies, I work as a  General Practitioner running my own clinic at Raub, under the name of KLINIK SULAIMAN (RAUB).. Doctor mean Tabeeb in Arabic / Turkish, hence my nickname here Why Klinik Sulaiman and not my own name or other name?.  That a long story! ;)


Malaysia Magna Riders said...

Hi friend
I m a mtb lover from bentong. Hope can ride n fellowship with raub mtb members soon.
My hp is 0107600635 Sam, pls call me for meet up.tq!

Malaysia Magna Riders said...

I m a mtb kaki from bentong. Our club is small, Bentong Xtreme Cyclist( BXC)
Hope can ride n meet with raub mtb members soon.
Sam 010-7600635,pls call me for meet up